Why Leadership is important to a successful fundraising campaign.

All leaders need to have a clarity of purpose, buy in to the vision and, most importantly, make their own well-thought through personal gift to the fundraising efforts early in the process.  Their leadership by example will set the bar high and define the outcome of the campaign.  As Albert Schweitzer said: “Example is not the main thing in influencing... read more

AGM 2017

The Annual General Meeting for the Association of Fundraising Consultants will be held on the 15th December 2017, at The Potting Shed, 39-40 Dorset Square, Marylebone, London NW1 6QN @ 12p.m. / All welcome. If you would like to stand for the committee please forward a biography to The Agenda: Apologies Minutes of the last AGM Chair’s Report Treasurer’s Report... read more

Is fundraising consultancy a profession and how can charities make sure they receive a professional service? Five questions you should ask.

Stefan Lipa from Stefan Lipa Fundraising Consultancy - I’ve been a fundraising consultant for nearly 30 years and, during this time, I’m proud to say that I’ve helped many charities achieve their fundraising goals and thus enhance the support they offer their beneficiaries. However, according to a recent discussion paper by a fundraising think tank1, fundraising is not a ‘profession’–... read more

What do you have to fear?

With new fundraising regulations on the way, Andrew Day explains why there’s never been a better time to focus on what breathes life into successful major gift strategies. It’s all about the people you know and your ability to reach them. One of the universal laws of major gift fundraising is that people give to people. They rarely give to... read more

The Association of Fundraising Consultants’ Code of Practice: self-regulation and safeguarding organisations that employ fundraising consultants – By Stefan Lipa, Stefan Lipa Fundraising Consultancy

Members of the Association of Fundraising Consultants (AFC) are seen as professionals who give the best possible advice to charities seeking funds to support the work of their cause and beneficiaries. The maintenance of high professional standards is crucial to the future of providing much-needed support to charities. The AFC’s Code of Practice, which works in tandem with the Fundraising Regulator’s... read more

AFC 2016 Forum – The new regulatory era for fundraising and its implications for consultancy.

Keynote speaker; Gerald Oppenheim, Head of Policy for the new Fundraising Regulator Fundraising is in the spotlight and charities are facing unprecedented challenges. The regulatory environment is changing at breakneck speed: • A new Fundraising Regulator • The Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Act 2016 • Forthcoming EU data protection legislation • Proposals for a Fundraising Preference Service • On-going... read more

AFC 2015 Forum – Money, power, influence – integrity in major gifts consultancy

“Your charity has a strong local supporter base. A local wealthy entrepreneur has offered a substantial personal donation that will make a significant difference to your beneficiaries. You are aware that the entrepreneur is currently applying for planning permission for a contentious redevelopment. What are the issues to be taken into account, when deciding whether to accept the donation?” This... read more

Action Planning – Summer School

The Action Planning International Summer School Programme is designed specifically to bring consultants and those aiming to become consultants together in a series of modular workshops. David Saint uses his 25 years of experience & expertise in the not-for-profit consulting sector to deliver a programme designed to meet the needs of professionals regardless of their level of consultancy. The school... read more

AFC Annual Forum 2015

Money, power, influence - integrity in major gifts consultancy This years keynote speaker will be the Rt Revd Graham James - Bishop of Norwich. Rt Revd Graham James has been an active member of the House of Lords since 2004. Currently he is Chair of the Ministry Division. This involves him being responsible for both the selection and training of... read more

AFC Annual Forum 2014

The Association of Fundraising Consultants held its 2014 annual forum on the 2nd of December at the seasonally decorated Liberal Club in London. We welcomed David Price CBE from the committee on standards in public life, for a presentation and discussion on the seven Nolan principles - Selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, honesty, openness and leadership. David explained how the Committee... read more