Engage An AFC Member

The question that constantly prevails is whom can you trust to help you decide on the best way forward with your fundraising plans and help you make those plans a reality.

Choosing the right consultant

We fully appreciate that the market is awash with companies and individuals who promote themselves as fundraising experts. It is often a minefield for organisations to choose the right company or individual to work alongside that genuinely cares about their mission and has the relevant expertise and knowledge to truly make an impact on their fundraising programmes.

Inspiring confidence

Perhaps one of the most important reasons to choose an AFC member is the wide range of knowledge and experience they share when it comes to all fundraising matters. This, in turn, inspires confidence in your organisation’s leaders and potential donors – a key component in successful fundraising. All our members have developed the skills and gained the qualifications that are worthy of your investment and gives you the best chance of fundraising success.

Bringing a fresh perspective

Our members raise millions of pounds every year, year after year, for a wide range of organisations within the not-for-profit sector. We bring a fresh perspective to all your fundraising activities and encourage a real culture of philanthropy that allows relationships to grow and flourish and much-needed funds to be raised.

Promoting best practice

We pride ourselves on being highly vocal regarding best fundraising practice in the UK.  Indeed our first step when were were established in 1991 was to adopt a Code of Practice.  We have constantly reviewed this Code to ensure it remains relevant and promotes the highest standards.  We also endorse the Fundraising Regulator’s Code of Practice thereby ensuring that all AFC members can provide you with the guidance, perspective, management and direction that will bring you fundraising success.

Your interests first

Therefore, we urge you to contact the AFC as your first step on your fundraising journey so that you choose a company or individual that you can be confident puts your interests first and ensures that you are using best fundraising practices at all times.

How to Engage an AFC member

It is easy to engage an AFC member – simply click on one of the following to find the consultancy that best suits your needs AFC members or Contact us.