“We needed to raise £2.6 million to build a day centre for homeless people and had no idea where to start when we met Paddy.  He soon sorted us out by systemising what we had to do. He learnt all about the charity and what we wanted to do, wrote out our ‘case for support’, helped us with the costings for the project and then worked with us laying out our capital appeal strategy. 

I was particularly impressed by how he insisted on meeting some of the homeless people themselves on his own and chatting to them about their lives and their issues. He then helped us recruit the lord lieutenant as an appeal patron, a chairman for our appeal committee and then the other members of that committee. This was the cornerstone to the whole appeal and from that time, with Paddy’s advice, we were able to raise the appeal total and build the day centre.” 

Trustee, Trinity Homelessness Centre

Trinity Homeless Centre, Winchester

The Result

2.6 million
2.6 million