The Fed is a Manchester based, well-established social care charity with a successful track record in fundraising.

The Challenge

The charity became increasingly aware that they needed to take their fundraising strategy to the next level and wanted to understand the best way to achieve this. The motivation was not purely around raising more money but also in improving community engagement and understanding of their services

What we did

  • Undertook an external review of their fundraising activities to give greater insight into their strengths and areas for improvement
  • Provided and an accurate, honest and focused review that also took into account the sensitivity needed for evaluating an established and well-motivated team.

The result

“We choose Ben Morrison to support us on this journey, based not only on his excellent track record in supporting charities to achieve their targets but also in terms of his values and empathy he clearly demonstrated when we met. Choosing a consultant to support you in a key area of work is never straight forward but from the outset we felt confident that Ben was able to work with us and with our fundraising team.

From the work we commissioned, we were able to make some clear decisions that resulted in a reconfiguration of the team, an excellent new appointment and a new focus and strategy. We have been thrilled with the outcome. 

We have seen a huge improvement in performance in terms of team dynamics and fundraising targets and we have a much clearer sense of direction. Ben’s experience, knowledge and insight proved invaluable in achieving this”. – Mark Cunningham, CEO