“When I first met with a group of people from St John’s Redhill to set about raising £2,000,000 for the construction of our new building, we had some property to sell and some ideas on fundraising events but little more. 

I was introduced to Paddy Hunter Murphy who helped us in many ways:

  • he directed us in the writing of our “Case for Support” which clearly showed our project in the best light for people to support.
  • he trained some of us in making applications to trusts and foundations not just in the applications themselves but in researching those most likely to support us as well as the small things such as signing the applications in ink. 
  • he made us very aware of the need to have an Appeal Chairperson who would enthuse our congregation to support the cause. We quickly identified someone who Paddy and I met who has played a major part in our fundraising.
  • Paddy worked with me in meeting with a major individual donor who has contributed in excess of £100,000
  • he showed us the need for Appeal Patrons – people who could introduce us to Trustees of grant-making bodies. Paddy was always willing to meet these people with us.

We have now raised circa £1.9 million which has come from the sale of property (50%), Congregation and other personal gifts (25%), Grants from Trusts and Foundations (10%) Legacies (5%) Events and other misc donations (10%).”


Project Manager, St John’s Church

St. John's Church, Redhill

The Result

£2 million
£1.9 million